What does it mean to be "Published"?

Sure, we know what the word "published" means -- a form of work that is put into print or available for others to see, generally on a blog, book, magazine, or even video. However, what does that mean in the world of weddings and events?

Being published or featured in the wedding industry means that the images taken, whether for a styled shoot or from a real wedding, fit within the stylistic parameters of a particular website or magazine that will further promote the vendors that came together to make the vision come to life. Some vendors will actually have it within the contract stating any pictures taken at the event can be used for marketing and media purposes, but those that want to have the images published (usually the Event Planner or the Photographer) will also ask about using the images for a publication. 

Being asked to have your wedding day published is truly a big deal! Though your vendors are always proud of their work and being able to collaborate with you, when they are especially pleased with how everything came together to make an idea come to life and they feel that this is really why they do what they do, it makes the opportunity to work with you as a client that much better when we ask "Hey! Would you be ok with your wedding being featured on The Knot or OnceWed?" and you say "Yes!" 

So Poppies, in summary, having your event published on a blog or in a magazine is an exciting opportunity for yourself as a client and for your vendors. It brings attention to you, giving you notice for the excellent and beautiful work that went into the creation and management of your event. If you ever have questions or concerns about being published, feel free to contact us!