Finding Planning Advice Outside of Family and Friends

Whether it's a well-meaning aunt or a friend who did a complete 180 as soon as you got engaged (not salty from that personal experience or anything), sometimes we need to get wedding planning advice outside of the circle of family and friends that we find ourselves in. We cherish these relationships and value their advice and thoughts, but when a big life event like a wedding comes up, the advice and comments can be harsh, unwanted, and unhelpful. 

Image by Lauren Talbert Photography

Image by Lauren Talbert Photography

So what are some other resources or places that you can go for neutral, third party advice? Here are my top three ideas to find planning advice besides that from family and friends.

1. Look at the first person you hired for your wedding.

Whether it was you venue, photographer, or even a friend who offered to do your flowers, these people are knowledgeable from working with brides to understand any situation and see it from your perspective. Because you already have a steady stream of dialogue with them, asking for their advice or recommendations will come easily and won't be awkward. 

2. Facebook groups that are filled with other brides.

Two that come to mind when I think of supportive and informational groups are Wild for Weddings and The Wedding Connection. Both groups have a wide variety of brides with different budgets, style, and life experiences, so finding someone to relate is convenient. Plus, there's the added security in knowing that both these groups are private, so that unless you want to share something with someone outside the group, they will not see it (hello venting about your FH's best man's crazy girlfriend!)

3. Ask a Planner or Day of Coordinator a few questions.

Though it is a career and a business all on it's own, most Wedding Planners would not mind at all answering a few of your questions (there is a line though between free advice and giving away services). Ask around to see a consensus, and if you find yourself continuing to either be frustrated at the actual planning aspect or the people around you, it would be to my recommendation to hire and bring one on your team. There is nothing wrong in making the investment for peace of mind throughout the planning process. 

Image by Laurent Talbert Photography

Image by Laurent Talbert Photography

I hope that these three tips have helped you! Please feel free to reach out to us here if you have any questions!