A Little Bit About a Poppy Lane Bride

She is a sweatpants and coffee cup loving kinda girl, usually sporting a messy bun by the end of the day. She loves ice cream and wine (though not exclusively), and calls her mom every day. She was raised with a strong father figure in her life, and her future husband will be exactly like him because there's not a man in the world that could compare to how perfect and wonderful of a husband and father Daddy is.

She's steadfast and strong, characteristics that are innate to her personality but amplified through her high school and college experiences, and God does she hate crying in front of other people. A Poppy Lane Bride initially loved the idea of Mason and Ball jars filled with baby's breath for her wedding, but as she sees it over and over, she's less enchanted with it, and looks towards mercury glass and wine barrels. The idea of crafting or doing something DIY for her wedding does not sway her (especially if it can save her money), but secretly fears it will look awful, and will look at Pinterest and Etsy for a detailed how-to or to purchase. And if it does turn out bad, she will first ask her closest friends to validate the awfulness, assess if it can be fixed, and then try again (before either making it absolutely perfect or disposing of the evidence in the outside trashcan). 

Sometimes she is older, the experiences of life having left laughter in the crinkles of her eyes and the corners of her mouth, a stubborn silver streak that hair dye just won't successfully hide. She has known love long enough to know what is true and lasting, what truly makes for forever, and whenever she looks at her love, still feels the same light in her soul she felt when she realized that she had in fact found The One. 

She loves tradition (hello Cake Pulls and your comrades participating in a saber arch), but when the scenery of a venue takes her breath away, she convinces her parents that she doesn't want the full Mass in the Church (her fiance at this point would rather have the least amount of pomp and circumstance, but as long as she is happy and they're married, that's all that matters). She places value in lasting memories for not just herself and her husband, but her guests, and will make sure she has her dream photographer and an awesome band or DJ. 

A Poppy Lane Events Bride, I would be pressed to say, is the daughter in which I would be honored to have some day.