Ring Boxes That Will Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

Proposal season and wedding season have come into full swing y’all! With that, who doesn’t love when a ring is given to you in such a pretty package? Or having your invitation suite styled beautifully? Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite ring boxes (or ring box alternatives!) that are sure to complete your styling kit or take her breath away before she says yes!

The Mrs. Box

the mrs box ring box1.jpg

The most popular of ring boxes (aside from the classic blue of Tiffany’s), The Mrs. Box set the standard of quality and craftsmanship with their ring boxes, offered in a plethora of sizes and colors, and has the option to be monogrammed in silver, gold, or rose gold foil. These boxes start at $75, and you can see the full collection here.

With this Ring by Esselle

with this ring esselle ring box.jpg

Mixing velvet with gold and rose gold metals, this box is a modern alternative to a square ring box. Currently offered in four colors (blush, ivory, black, and emerald), this box makes a perfect accent for a trendy styling suite. You can pick one up here for $65.

Secret Keeper Box

secret keeper ring box.jpg

In a unique, octagon shape, the Secret Keeper Box is handmade from the Ukraine. Offered in a variety of colors and the choice of fitting one or two rings, this box is a sweet twist on traditional velvet boxes. Starting at $70, you can purchase one here.

Terrarium Ring Box by Haloney Rakia

Haloney Rakia geod terrarium ring box.jpg

Love the trend and look of terrariums and geodes? Look no further than this glass and metal welded piece! Available in black, silver, and copper, this handmade box comes from Israel, and can be purchased here starting at about $30.

The Kelo Box

kelo wood metal ring box.jpg

Mixing both metal and wood in a cylindrical design, this ring box has a sweet mid-century minimal look to it. Available in both Walnut and black aluminum, this Canadian hand-made box can be purchased for $120 and seen here.

Yes Box by Offerman Wood Shop

yes box wooden ring box.jpg

This box is made by none other than Nick Offerman (Parks and Rec, anyone?), but other than its famous maker, this box is beautifully made and stays true to a rough yet polish style, making use of the natural appearance of the wood and making it functional. These boxes start at a cool $169, and can be purchased here.

These boxes are beautiful y’all, and I loved sharing them with you! Each of these would be a beautiful keepsake and heirloom, and surely will stand the test of time. Which one is your favorite? Do you have a favorite that wasn’t mentioned here?

Happy planning,