Alternatives for Grand Exits

“No. Sparklers aren’t allowed at our venue.”

You’re crushed – a heart set on those fantastic slow exposure shots, a dip and a kiss as you leave your reception, is now totally unattainable. You of course have the option of going with a different venue, but an easier alternative could be to not have sparklers. Or confetti. Or rice. The stipulations that venues put towards what can and can’t be used for grand exits aren’t about hindering you – more often than not, rules are set in place because someone had to ruin the fun for everyone else, and it created a liability for the venue.

grand exit alternative.png

So what do you do in place of what you wanted? What can capture really well on camera? Here’s some inspiration from some of my favorite shoots and weddings I’ve seen from fellow creatives.

Bubbles, image by Genovese Ashford

A classic alternative, bubbles have a lovely sheen and are easy to source.  You can personalize them with putting ribbon or custom stickers, and are appropriate for weddings all year around.

Ribbon and Bell Wands, Etsy

An easy DIY (and favor, depending on your theme) can be satin ribbons hot glued and tied to the end of 18” wooden dowls, and threaded with a bell. The shine of the satin will reflect beautifully with flash, and who doesn’t love the jingling of bells?

Glow Sticks, image via Wedbook

Fun, colorful, and a hit, glow sticks offer a lighted source for your images, and can follow the same slow-exposure policy that sparklers can. As this couple did, you can have sticks coordinate with your wedding colors, or use variety packs to havea rainbow of color!

Lavender, image by Martha Stewart Magazine

If a venue allows the use of real rose petals, check and ask about lavender or other small flower petals. Your florist should be able to source these without a problem, and when you have a specific color scheme in mind that other suggestions won’t just do, fresh petals are a great option.

I hope these ideas have inspired you to think outside the box! They are so easy to personalize and make a reflection of you and your (brand new!) spouse. As a reminder, always be sure to ask your venue what is and isn't allowed in respects to exits; it would be awful on your big day to find you you can't use what you had your heart set on!

Happy planning,