DIY for Your DAY: Things to Craft...and Not to Craft

Y’all, at one point or another while planning your wedding, you will find yourself scrolling through Facebook or Pinterest, gazing blankly at Amazon, or attending a bridal show, and you’ll be struck with the idea to do something absolutely fantastic for your wedding, and then as you look for that piece that will complete the vision, you cannot find it. You check rental vendors, Etsy, even a craft fair (yes, they still exist, and they’re pretty fun!) for this item or this look, and you start to loose a little piece of your soul and the dream die a little with every email and phone call that says “Sorry, we don’t have anything like that”. It is at this time that you’ll find yourself pulling into Michael’s or Lowe’s or Hobby Lobby, and it’s at this point that you can cross another thing off the Unspoken Wedding Bucket List:

Craft for the Wedding.

And crafting for you wedding can go generally in one of two ways; it will either be a total success, come together with a few tweaks here and there to really make it yours, or it can be a total and utter failure. There’s no in-between, unfortunately, on this one.

So, I thought to share with y’all this week my favorite DIYs and crafts folks have done for their weddings, (with links to the creator’s instructions, if you’re so inclined as to make it your own for your wedding) as well as share with you some things I would recommend you leave to the pros and knowledgeable vendors.

Do Try to DIY: Ceremony Arch or Backdrop

Oftentimes when you’re getting married outside, you need or want a little something extra to ground the space and formerly say “This is where we’re exchanging vows”. I love how folks make crosses and arbors out of wood, like the two below, but also check out this macramé DIY from Chelsea Sadler on Youtube, as well as this PVC-pipe turned metal (with a the perfect touch of floral accents). I would make sure your decorator, whether they are a professional or a friend or family member, get comprehensive instructions on how to assemble Day-Of so you’re not worrying or stressing about it while you should be enjoying your day.

Do NOT Try to DIY: Wedding Invitations

With a wide array of vendors, both large (such as Minted or Basic Invite) and small (like The little Blue Chair, Invitobella, and The Keeping Room), it is rather unnecessary to create your own wedding stationary. Now, it might be less expensive initially to create your own, but factoring in your time and the money for the materials, it ends up being more expensive to do it yourself when you want something a little bit more elaborate than a digitally printed invitation.

Do Try to DIY: Centerpiece and Vases

One of the neatest trends that I’m seeing is using alternative compotes and vases as the base of wedding centerpieces, like wooden planter boxes (like this one from A Practical Wedding) or antique serving bowls like this one from Anita Widder. If antiques or going to rustic route aren’t your vibe, check out a school supplier for test tubes and a rack, spray paint it or use Rub-n-Buff for the desired color, and boom: an edgy centerpiece you can fill with stems, or use in table length garlands to add height! You can also check out my previous post on making your own mercury glass centerpieces and candle holders.

Do NOT Try to DIY: Floral Arrangements

There’s big difference between making the containers in which your centerpieces will be in, and then doing the floral for it. I say that DIYing your floral arrangements is something you shouldn’t do mostly because of the stress associated with them; making sure flowers get there on time, carving out the time between rehearsal and being with friends and family in order to do it, as well as making sure that the arrangements get to the venue on your wedding day. Trust me when I say that the stress is simply not worth it when you should be having a stress-free and relaxing day.

Do Try to DIY: Signage

Not only is it incredibly trendy to have various signage around your event space, but it’s also a practical way to inform guests of the timeline, menus, and where things are located. Whether you do a large, handlettered backdrop (like the one below we did for a styled shoot) or make up a sign in Photoshop or Publisher and have it printed at Fedex, signage is a quick and simple way to add a little lagniappe and personality to your wedding décor. With a variety of frames available at your favorite craft store or thrift shop (where you can use spray or chalk paint or Rub-n-Buff to change the look of it), or if you’d prefer to have Home Depot or Lowe’s trim some wood and stain it to your tastes, the possibilities and options are endless!

Do NOT Try to DIY: Setting Up and Decorating Your Wedding Yourself

Wanting to make sure all the blood, sweat, tears, and trips to and from Hobby Lobby were not done in vain is a feeling many can relate to. However, when you look back on your wedding day, would you rather be smiling because of happy memories shared that morning being with your bridesmaids getting ready, or lament on the stress of making sure all the tables are set before heading to your hair and makeup appointment? Whether you have a coordinator or planner, or delegate decorating to friends and family, making sure you enjoy your day and not worry or be pressed for time while setting up for your wedding should be the most important considerations when examining your wedding time timeline and how you want your wedding day to go. My strongest recommendation will always be to make sure that whoever is setting up and decorating know your vision and knows exactly what you want and how you want it.

Do you have any DIY’s or crafts you’ve been thinking about? Or maybe tried and loved before? Please share! I love learning new things, especially if I can in turn use it or share it with another bride!

Happy planning,