DIY Your DAY: Mercury Glass Accents

Mercury glass is a very popular element used to add texture and break up colors in order to make your event look more cohesive and put together. Often found on votive candles and floral vases, this paitning technique could be applied to plates, bowls, stemware, or even signage for your weding. Buying heaps of Mercury glass can be costly, so I though to share with you how I create one-of-a-kind pieces that will be the perfect finishing touch at your reception (without breaking the bank). 


White Vinegar | Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint | Water | Spray Bottle | Newspaper | Clean, sticker goo free glassware  

How To

1. Ensure you have a clean, dry glass surface. After this, mix equal parts vinegar and water (recommended to be room temp) into your spray bottle.  

2. In a well-ventilated area, lightly spray paint the back of your plate or the outside of your vase or votive (you don’t want to eat on paint that might chip off).

3. Let the paint sit for a few seconds (I usually wait 10 to 20), and then spritz with the spray bottle. You can create a variety of drops depending how much you pull the bottle’s trigger or your distance away from the plate. Play around with it and have fun! Just don’t spray too much, or it will eat all the paint off!

4. Wait about 10-15 seconds, as the vinegar/water mixture eats the paint. Gently dab at the droplets, do not wipe off. It will create streaks (unless that’s something you like, I prefer the solid droplets or it dripping down the side).

5. Repeat steps 3-5 until you get the effect you like, allowing the paint to dry completely between layers.

Voila! Your plain, boring glassware has transformed into a bright and brilliant mercury glass piece! Here's a peak at other creations I've done using the same method.

Happy wedding crafting!  

Randi FracassiComment