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Plan with Me: Streamlining Your Wedding Planning Process

Randi Fracassi

We know that planning a wedding is stressful, and that there are a lot of places to start. It can pretty overwhelming pretty quick, and before you know it, you're a few weeks out and you're wondering if you're missing something. 

Don't worry, we've got you covered. 

We're sharing some tips and tricks today that we use for planning and keeping our clients on track of making sure all the details are taken care of! 

First, prioritize what is important to you and your future spouse. Whether it's an important date, a special venue, or wanting to make sure that your guests have an experience, ensuring that you have your top two or three must haves spelled out from the very beginning is key to staying on top of wedding planning. 

After you make your priority list, talk about budget. Talking money is always difficult, but giving yourself a range to stay within rather than a set amount (for example, staying between $25,000 and $30,000 versus a must have at $27,000) will not only give you wiggle room as needed, but it also gives you the ability to splurge and save in other areas. While you're setting a budget, don't be afraid to ask who is contributing to the wedding fund; again, it can be hard and awkward, but if you're honest and upfront from the beginning about what you both want your day to be like and what you would like the budget to divided up by, it will save you pain, stress, and heartache in the long run.  

Another way you can save yourself from missing anything is getting yourself a planner. I would love to say "That's right, me!", but I'm humble enough to recognize that there's nothing quite like having a reminder set to your phone or having it handwritten in an agenda to make sure everything is complete and done. I love this one from Southern Weddings, and this one from Erin Condren. If you're not feeling like having binders and guides and papers everywhere (which is me, I can't handle having all the important things not in one place), I again recommend Erin Condren Life Planner, Day Designer (which you can find at Target), or a simple pocket planner that you can pick up at any Walmart, Target, or office supply store. 

Want something more complete and in detail (a checklist, perhaps?)? Check out the wedding planning timeline we use for our brides over here at Poppy Lane Events, handcrafted for you to keep on track, streamline the planning process, and ensure you don't forget a thing. 

What is your favorite tool for staying on task? Did you find it easier to have everything digital, or handwritten reminders? Did setting goals throughout the process help you? We'd love to know! 

Happy planning,


The Hostess Style to Planning Weddings

Randi Fracassi

Whenever you hire an event planner, making sure they work well with not only the vision you have for your wedding, but with you as a client is so incredibly important. You and your planner will have a relationship that is a mix of therapist, banker, Pinterest, wedding encyclopedia and friend,  the entire year or so you spend planning your wedding. Making sure that you work well with someone who will know so much about your relationship and wedding, as well as everything that goes into it (costs, payment schedules, stress from family and friends) is of the utmost importance when you go to hire your wedding planner.

What is equally important in the style in which they plan and coordinate, so I thought to share with you how the planners and stylists of Poppy Lane Events work in order to pull of wedding days and fanciful soirees.

My mother is the greatest hostess I know – place settings may not be fancy, the dinner may not be multiple courses, and the house may not have been decorated with specialized floral and artwork to compliment the event, but Mom was able to make get-togethers be about family and connecting with others. She L O V E S how big of a role food plays into bringing folks together, and knew how to create a balanced menu that everyone would love, and has always been able to make conversation with anyone. She  made sure that there were little details that made the event special, like having certain china or folding napkins just so. What stuck with me most though about the way she planned and coordinated events in her home was the absolute grace and humility she had when others would complement her work.

I sincerely believe that it was because of my mother’s travels to Louisiana that shaped her style of hostessing and being an entertainer. When I came to LSU and met more of her side of the family that lived here, I realized that they all had the very same style: a focus on the family, making sure everyone was taken care of, and then taking care of themselves and enjoying the party later. The attention to detail and the adding of personal touches to make events special was apparent at every Easter and Christmas party, and every crawfish boil I’ve attended in the last five years.  The level of kindness, graciousness, and overall feeling that you get whenever you’re attending one of their get-togethers could only be described as the epitome of Southern Hospitality.

When I realized that wedding planning was my calling, I knew I was going to take this same approach my mother and family did when it came to wedding days. I wanted to plan with the intention that a wedding is a gathering of loved ones, that everyone attending should feel special and important, and that this moment will never happen again. Partnering this kind of magic with a passion for logistics and ensuring no detail is overlooked is the style of planning that the planners, coordinators, and stylists of Poppy Lane Events pride themselves on having for our clients.  

You may encounter planners of many different styles and passions and see it in their work, most particularly on a wedding day when they are in full force and in their element. But take care to notice the planners that work quietly in the background, and the bride and groom always have a drink in their hand and wonderful things to say about the food (because they actually got a chance to eat it), it is because of a planner or coordinator with a Hostess Style of Planning.

Happy planning,