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Up the Lane | Styling Workshop | Spring 2018

Learning the art of styling and being able to market yourself through the ever changing world of social media on Sunday, March 25, 2018. Hosted by Randi Fracassi of Poppy Lane Events and Annemarie Meyers of Hummingbird Floral Studio, we encourage both new and established creatives to join us as we style vignettes, learn about event days, and work together to make a vision come to life. 

In the still and settled place There's nobody but you // You're where I breathe my oxygen You're where I see my view // And when the world feels full of noise My heart know what to do // It finds that still and settled place and dances there with you. 
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Some notes of import:

Registration begins Friday, December 15, and will continue until all seats have been filled. 

Regardless of occupation or creative status, there are only 12 openings available to attend in person.

  If you would like to contribute or collaborate, but not attend in person, please email directly to We would LOVE to feature your product or service!

Cost to register is $150, and covers all fees and materials related to this shoot. Payment is due in full. 

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